We accept cloth diaper donations!

We know disposable diapers are not the only option out there. We also know that for those already feeling a financial pinch, the start up cost of cloth can be more than intimidating. 

​This is why we're working with two local organizations:

One Diaper Canada - a Canadian cloth diaper charity, providing cloth diaper kits to families in financial need, and 

Ottawa Cloth Diaper Lending Program - a volunteer run organization based on helping families cloth diaper their babies with resources donated from their community. 

If you're trying to decide which type of diaper to go with and would like more information about cloth, check out this article  by our friend Katie from Bumbini Cloth Diaper Company, packed with information about how cloth diapers can help low income families.

Still looking for more? Check out Bumbini, a website filled with information about cloth diapers, including tips, advice and answers to frequently asked questions.

Cloth Diapers